Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 2.0 or greater within 400 mi
Update time = Wed, 21-Aug-2019 4:08am MDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Time Link
32 mi ENE of Warm Springs, Nevada 2.0 000442275 mi 1566305698Tue, 20-Aug-2019 6:54am MDT map
11 mi NW of Gunnison, Utah 2.1 000203126 mi 1566164189Sun, 18-Aug-2019 3:36pm MDT map
12 mi NW of Gunnison, Utah 2.2 000202126 mi 1566100966Sat, 17-Aug-2019 10:02pm MDT map
22 mi WNW of Craig, Colorado 2.5 000351218 mi 1565921380Thu, 15-Aug-2019 8:09pm MDT map
12 mi SSE of Colorado City, Arizona 2.1 000476296 mi 1565914470Thu, 15-Aug-2019 6:14pm MDT map
2 mi WNW of Manhattan, Montana 2.0 000536333 mi 1565914258Thu, 15-Aug-2019 6:10pm MDT map
2 mi NW of Manhattan, Montana 4.2 000538334 mi 1565913757Thu, 15-Aug-2019 6:02pm MDT map
2 mi W of Manhattan, Montana 3.4 000534332 mi 1565913685Thu, 15-Aug-2019 6:01pm MDT map
2 mi WNW of Manhattan, Montana 2.4 000535332 mi 1565912487Thu, 15-Aug-2019 5:41pm MDT map
2 mi WSW of Manhattan, Montana 2.3 000533331 mi 1565912090Thu, 15-Aug-2019 5:34pm MDT map
31 mi SE of Old Faithful Geyser, Wyoming 3.5 000366227 mi 1565898399Thu, 15-Aug-2019 1:46pm MDT map
10 mi SSE of Saint George, Utah 2.8 000474295 mi 1565887777Thu, 15-Aug-2019 10:49am MDT map
39 mi SE of Old Faithful Geyser, Wyoming 2.0 000356221 mi 1565857790Thu, 15-Aug-2019 2:29am MDT map
9 mi SSW of Battle Mountain, Nevada 2.7 000418260 mi 1565835949Wed, 14-Aug-2019 8:25pm MDT map
10 mi NNW of West Yellowstone, Montana 2.1 000419260 mi 1565801189Wed, 14-Aug-2019 10:46am MDT map

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Map and data courtesy of United States Geological Survey.