Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 2.0 or greater within 400 mi
Update time = Sun, 04-Jun-2023 10:04pm MDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Time Link
9 km ENE of Stanley, Idaho 2.2 000420261 mi 1685842103Sat, 03-Jun-2023 7:28pm MDT map
Utah 2.5 00007043 mi 1685805836Sat, 03-Jun-2023 9:23am MDT map
6 km SSE of Saratoga, Wyoming 3.2 000444276 mi 1685776014Sat, 03-Jun-2023 1:06am MDT map
52 km S of Silver Peak, Nevada 2.5 000636395 mi 1685744993Fri, 02-Jun-2023 4:29pm MDT map
Wyoming 3.9 000445276 mi 1685693687Fri, 02-Jun-2023 2:14am MDT map
51 km S of Silver Peak, Nevada 2.6 000635394 mi 1685689082Fri, 02-Jun-2023 12:58am MDT map
32 km SE of Mammoth, Wyoming 2.0 000434270 mi 1685645174Thu, 01-Jun-2023 12:46pm MDT map
5 km E of Butte, Montana 2.0 000550341 mi 1685559921Wed, 31-May-2023 1:05pm MDT map
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming 2.3 000434270 mi 1685518142Wed, 31-May-2023 1:29am MDT map
13 km NE of Hawthorne, Nevada 2.1 000616383 mi 1685507278Tue, 30-May-2023 10:27pm MDT map
54 km S of Silver Peak, Nevada 3.0 000637396 mi 1685435498Tue, 30-May-2023 2:31am MDT map
Wyoming 2.1 000396246 mi 1685400757Mon, 29-May-2023 4:52pm MDT map
13 km NNW of Georgetown, Idaho 2.1 000178111 mi 1685393212Mon, 29-May-2023 2:46pm MDT map
52 km S of Silver Peak, Nevada 2.6 000634394 mi 1685367601Mon, 29-May-2023 7:40am MDT map

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Map and data courtesy of United States Geological Survey.