Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 2.0 or greater within 400 mi
Update time = Wed, 04-Aug-2021 7:47pm MDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Time Link
37 km NW of Stanley, Idaho 2.7 000458285 mi 1628101455Wed, 04-Aug-2021 12:24pm MDT map
17 km NW of Circleville, Utah 2.2 000313194 mi 1628076311Wed, 04-Aug-2021 5:25am MDT map
20 km WNW of Stanley, Idaho 2.4 000437271 mi 1627936822Mon, 02-Aug-2021 2:40pm MDT map
31 km NW of Stanley, Idaho 2.9 000452281 mi 1627911946Mon, 02-Aug-2021 7:45am MDT map
30 km WNW of Carlin, Nevada 2.9 000367228 mi 1627906296Mon, 02-Aug-2021 6:11am MDT map
11 km NW of Rolling Hills, Wyoming 3.7 000550342 mi 1627876246Sun, 01-Aug-2021 9:50pm MDT map
20 km WNW of Stanley, Idaho 2.2 000436271 mi 1627778372Sat, 31-Jul-2021 6:39pm MDT map
22 km WNW of Stanley, Idaho 2.1 000439273 mi 1627762888Sat, 31-Jul-2021 2:21pm MDT map
23 km WNW of Stanley, Idaho 2.1 000442274 mi 1627750745Sat, 31-Jul-2021 10:59am MDT map
10 km WNW of Stanley, Idaho 2.5 000430267 mi 1627742924Sat, 31-Jul-2021 8:48am MDT map
23 km SSE of Riggins, Idaho 2.0 000570354 mi 1627739256Sat, 31-Jul-2021 7:47am MDT map
29 km SE of Mina, Nevada 2.0 000594369 mi 1627732064Sat, 31-Jul-2021 5:47am MDT map
42 km WSW of Howell, Utah 2.0 00008955 mi 1627728701Sat, 31-Jul-2021 4:51am MDT map
42 km SW of Howell, Utah 2.4 00008553 mi 1627718668Sat, 31-Jul-2021 2:04am MDT map
42 km WSW of Howell, Utah 2.2 00008955 mi 1627718177Sat, 31-Jul-2021 1:56am MDT map
41 km WSW of Howell, Utah 2.3 00008855 mi 1627718079Sat, 31-Jul-2021 1:54am MDT map
31 km SSE of Mina, Nevada 2.1 000605376 mi 1627714097Sat, 31-Jul-2021 12:48am MDT map
Nevada 2.8 000627389 mi 1627689198Fri, 30-Jul-2021 5:53pm MDT map
3 km W of Pony, Montana 2.0 000509316 mi 1627657673Fri, 30-Jul-2021 9:07am MDT map
13 km WSW of Stanley, Idaho 2.8 000423263 mi 1627630624Fri, 30-Jul-2021 1:37am MDT map
13 km W of Stanley, Idaho 2.2 000427265 mi 1627606311Thu, 29-Jul-2021 6:51pm MDT map
12 km ENE of Stanley, Idaho 2.2 000420261 mi 1627573595Thu, 29-Jul-2021 9:46am MDT map
34 km SE of Mina, Nevada 2.2 000591367 mi 1627540857Thu, 29-Jul-2021 12:40am MDT map

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Map and data courtesy of United States Geological Survey.